March 29


Yesterday I took my car to the dealer because a check engine light had come on. Part of our warranty entitles us to a loaner car at no expense.  The car I left them with was a lovely, sleek, black, all wheel drive,  Ford Explorer.  The car they loaned me…  a very blue, small Ford Focus with the dealer’s name and a red number 72 displayed across the back window.

My first thoughts when they handed me the keys and directed me towards “Little Blue” was, “hmmm….. This was not a fair trade.”  But, then I thought, “Oh well, it’s a car, and I’m not paying for it, and it will get me from point A to point B.”  So, I hopped in and started home.

As I was driving home, I tried to call my family to prepare them for my temporary ride.  No one answered.  As I pulled up in front of my house, they walked outside and asked, “What are you driving?”

Did I mention that my family might be full of car snobs?  My dad is a retired mechanic.  I have had the privilege of driving some really awesome cars- 1967 convertible Camaro, a 1990’s Corvette, a red Chevy truck that was once owned by the Washington Caps player, Jay Beagle just to name a few.   So, this little blue Ford Focus was not quite up to the standard we have grown accustomed to.

This morning, I texted our carpool to let them know that we’d be in a different car and to look for a bright blue one.  The mom of one of my daughter’s friends laughed when she saw us, and exclaimed, “Wow!  You weren’t kidding, that is a bright blue car.”

Next it was time to deliver my older daughter to high school.  We joked about the car on the way to school.  I commented on the big letters across the back window that advertised the dealership, and then mentioned the number and laughed about how it made it look like a race car and me a race car driver.  As my daughter got out of the car, and I started to drive away, I heard her laugh really loudly.  And I thought to myself, “hmmm… it’s the little things…. like a little blue car that can start a day off well.”

This afternoon my older daughter rode with me to go and drop off “Little Blue” and to pick up our car. “Did you hear me laugh when you drove by this morning?  When I saw that red number 27, I busted out laughing thinking about you in your blue race car.”  Then she joked, “I know you’re gonna miss this car.  Let’s make sure we remember this moment with a photo.”

Thus the reason for the photo shoot with “Little Blue.”  You never know what will help you bond with a teenager, but today it was a little blue car.  Thanks “Little Blue!”


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  1. I loved this post! Somehow I have a daughter who loves cars. She finds my Toyota Yaris embarrassing. I love how you tied the car story to your daughter. I can assure you, teenagers do grow up to be good people – you’re a great mom:)

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