March 27


People speak so many words each day. There are people whose words are just filling space, giving lip service. And there are people whose words and actions are so genuine, with such meaning and promise behind them. Did those people learn this as children? Were they born  with a gene that makes them genuine and honest with integrity?

As a teacher and mother, I think it Is important to help children understand the importance of speaking honest, kind words and following them up with action that matches the words.

Today I helped two students work through a disagreement. One was being picked on by the other and had tried to be patient, kind, yet firm when letting his friend know it wasn’t okay. The other didn’t want to listen, failed to see the frustration in the other child’s face. He continued to poke the child’s frustration. When I intervened, his reaction was to be defensive, not apologetic. His words said, “I’m sorry.” But his actions said, “I’m mad that I got in trouble for bothering you.”

I know grown ups who have the same traits. They are the grown ups that I don’t really trust, the ones whose words have little value. Tonight as I get ready to fall asleep, I’m still trying to understand and ponder what motivates both sides?

Im not sure what the motivation is or where it comes from, but I’m going to keep teaching and modeling it because I am content when I can trust a persons words because their actions match. I’m holding out for the good in the world to win!


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  1. It is good to meet you. Your post led me to think about cultures of trust that need to be established in classrooms. Your modeling should lead to positive behavior at least making an imprint on the actions of many of your students.


  2. Yesterday we were meeting about our SLRs (schoolwide learning results). One of them is “collaborate constructively” with one of the descriptors being (basically) know when to argue your point and when to give way to others, and your post reminded me of this. You are right- there are many adults who struggle with these issues too.

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  3. wise words to ponder
    I suspect it has something to do with the fact
    that many people do not know how to listen
    They are so caught up in their position of their future response
    that they miss out on all the words
    maybe that is just part of it
    maybe we all just need to pause more
    before we speak and respond

    thanks for the good chew
    you give me hope


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