March 25

“They’re not gray hairs. They’re wisdom highlights.”~Author Unknown

All day Thursday I was looking forward to getting my haircut and colored, but my hairdresser called and asked to postpone until tomorrow.  I was disappointed, but excited for the next day.

On Friday, one of my students came in with a new haircut.  I shared that I was getting my haircut that evening too.  I mentioned it to one of my other students later in the day.  A very observant student (who listens to me much more than I ever realized) asked me, “Why are you so excited about getting a haircut?”  I explained, “It’s  nice to have all of the old yucky hair cut off, have great smelling hair, and they also put a little coloring in my hair to cover up any grey hair that is in my hair.”  Another little boy, who usually has lots of knowledge about sports spoke up and asked, “Oh, do you do the foils?  My mom, you know she has blonde hair, but really it’s brown under there, and she gets the foil in her hair and then it looks blonde. Are they going to put foils in your hair too?” I replied,”No, no foils for me this time, she will just paint the color onto my hair.” This sounded good to him.

The end of the day came, and as my last student walked out the door, my phone buzzed in my pocket.  My hairdresser needed to postpone until tomorrow.  Bummer!

Today I set out to my appointment, excited to get those grey hairs covered.  I always love the rich brown color with just the amount of blonde highlight she transforms my hair into.  As I was waiting for the color to do it’s work, I was looking for quotes that inspire me, and I found “They’re not gray hairs. They’re wisdom highlights.”   Hmmmm… maybe grey isn’t so bad after all.  I’m still full of wisdom, it’s just undercover for the next 6 weeks or so!


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  1. Love your post! Just got my hair colored tomorrow. I have been turning gray since I was 14 years old. Maybe I will slice about this. Thanks for inspring me.


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