March 24


As I was thinking about fun times I’ve had with my family to inspire me to make plans for our upcoming spring break, I stumbled upon these photos. They reminded me of this moment when my youngest was 6 years old.

She wanted to go in the ocean, but did not like that she could see the little fish swimming around her feet.

“They are going to bite me! What if they get into my bathing suit?  What if a bigger one comes along?”

We got in the water to show her they weren’t hurting us.  We caught one of the fish and let her hold it in her hand.  We reassured her that they would not bite her, but they might come close because they were curious to meet her.  We named the fish and called them cute.  Nothing worked.

She has always been anxious when it comes to new things or things that she can’t control.  She is the poster child for “what if.”  Sometimes our patience levels are tested.  We knew she could have fun if she stopped worrying and just let herself enjoy the warm, calm gulf waters.

On our second day, we were in the grocery store picking up something yummy for lunch the next day.  As soon as we walked in the door, my eyes darted towards the red lobster float with a finely woven net in the seat.  This lobster was put there for a reason!  It was the answer to my prayers!  A girl could enjoy floating in the water without being bothered by little fishes with the aid of this red lobster!

I put it in the cart feeling joyful.  I was going to enjoy a stress free, relaxing day at the beach tomorrow.  We started to pay for our items, and the clerk asked if we wanted the  red lobster to be blown up.  Oh yes we did!!!  The moment her eyes saw the lobster blown up with the net where she would sit, she ran over and gave me a big hug.  “Mommy, the fish won’t get me when I am projected by my lobster!” she said with obvious relief.

There are always answers to our problems, we just need to keep our eyes open because you never know what they will look like and where or when they might show up.


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