March 23

I have seen quite a few 6 word memoirs lately, and I was wondering what this type of writing was all about.  I did a little research and was inspired by what I read.  The following stuck out to me as 6 word memoirs I could have used in the last few weeks.

Never give up the struggle.

Irving Jones

Change what you are complaining about.

Doug Beach

ask me again in a month

Jessica Lowenthal

What the hell is going on?

Daniel Melamed

Have yet to figure it out!

Cami Potter

I’ve tried to come up with a few of my own to sum up the day…

This momma don’t play like that.

Barking makes me feel so annoyed

who is responsible for this mess?

Hey, you are done, stop now!

Why are you yelling at me?

Why don’t they listen to me?

The winner is…

I am exhausted, need to sleep.


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