March 22

“There is no one I’d rather be than me.” Ralph, from Wreck it Ralph.

Lately, I’ve been a part of many conversations with children, adults, and family members where the topic of being like someone else or wishing that a different choice or career had been made at some point in a person’s life has been the topic of conversation.  Sometimes during those conversations I’m frustrated for those people.  Most days I’m pretty happy being me.  Sure, I’d like to lose weight, have a little more money, travel more, have more time to do as I please.  But, I’d like those things while still remaining me.  I like me.  I feel good when I am kind, helpful, friendly, trustworthy, and loving.

I have noticed the messages received from TV, social media, and peers are that you have to be the best, the prettiest, the richest the most talented, the most liked, or the happiest to matter in the world.  There is so much pressure and competitiveness in the world.  And I don’t really understand it.  Sometimes I am the recipient of the , “Mom, you are so in your own world” look from my oldest daughter, and my husband just plainly disagrees with me.  But, I keep being who I am proudly.

In my classroom, my job is to expend knowledge to children, but another job I take very seriously (and probably spend too much time on) is to build self-esteem and self-awareness.  I think it is just as important to help kids learn to be kind and thoughtful to others and themselves as it is to teach them academics.

Maybe I need to thank my parents once again for instilling in me the idea that I can be anything I want, if I want something, then I need to try hard until I get it, and it’s not important to be THE best, but to try my best. These are life lessons that have served me well, and I hope to pass them on to those who I am surrounded by.



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