March 21

“The first to apologize is the bravest.  The first to forgive is the strongest.  The first to forget is the happiest.”

There has been friend drama in my class in the last few days.  Not your normal friend drama, this was some downright, mean spirited, grudge holding kind of drama. It was the kind of drama that leaves a teacher exasperated when she thinks she has gotten through and taught an amazing life lesson, only to be told later that as soon as she was looking the other way the meanness continued.

I have read books about being friends, being assertive, being different, and today one about magic words.  You know the magic words I’m talking about:  please, thank you, bon voyage, be careful, I am sorry.  Why is “I am sorry” so hard to say with meaning?  When we got to the “I’m sorry” page in this book today, we had a lively discussion about the different ways someone could say sorry, or should I say the different tones of voice and attitude someone could have when saying sorry.  Students let me know about the truly, meaningful apologies they had from their siblings, they let me know about the apologies that weren’t sincere and then someone mentioned “the bribe” apology which is the one where someone tells you they are sorry so that you won’t tell on them, and they are just saying sorry so that they won’t get into trouble.  It was a great conversation, and possibly opened a few eyes and‎ consciences, giving some a different perspective to think about.

I love the sincerity that one student had when sharing his thoughts on why a real apology is a tough thing to do.  It renewed my hope!  We will keep working on forgiveness and the forgetting or letting things go because happiness matters!



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  1. It must be this time of year. Our recesses have been filled with conflict this week. Glad you had the discussion and got some hope. I love how you started this post with the quotes.


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