March 20

Today started off okay, but the day took it’s toll on me and the evening brought some emails that were the icing on the cake.  So tonight I’m posting things that cheer me up!

That dog…  he really does let you know that you are loved, and on days like today, I’m very thankful to have a faithful friend like him!

The hammock on a nice day…  This hammock belonged to my husband when we was young.  It’s a high quality hammock and has been taken care of so well, so now our family gets to enjoy it.  It especially brought me joy on a warm February day when it was 70 degrees outside.  I had the flu, and was so sad that I couldn’t go outside and do something to enjoy the weather.  My husband suggested that I take a nap in the hammock so I could at least enjoy the weather a little.  And of course, my loyal friend joined me.  Definitely made a bad day a little better!

Being in Lake Champlain, Vt watching the sun set over the Adirondack Mountains…. Such a beautiful, peaceful sight.  Remembering the fun, relaxing time I spent there two summers ago is a great way to forget about the frustrations of this day!

Funny how a few photos from special times can improve a mood…


4 thoughts on “March 20

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  1. It is wonderful what a few well-chosen pictures can do as we get our mojo back. That dog! That hammock! That sunset! I know when my break is over I will need something! I suspect your friend, John, is right about the emails too.

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