March 19

Today I’ve been wondering why time seems to pass by so much faster as my kids get older.  The days go by faster, the weekends go by faster, and the summers definitely go by faster.

I wonder if it is because as my children get older, they sleep in more, and our days seem shorter than the days when they would wake me at the crack of dawn?

Is it that as they get older, there are more things to do, and when I’m busy, time seems to pass my much quicker than when I am not so scheduled?

I decided to do some research on this topic, and I found out something very interesting.

Our early years are full of firsts, things like our first date, the birth of our first child, our first big vacation, first job.  First occasions are really special events,  and we tend to make more detailed memories of them because it is the first time we have experienced them.   When we repeat an event,  it is less exciting and it doesn’t leave a lasting impression.   This idea also applies to things like vacations.  For example, the first few days seem to be so relaxing and long possibly because it’s the first time we are there and we are making new memories.  But, before we know it, vacations are coming to an end, and the anxiety or stress associated with normal life start jumping in and taking over where memories were being made.

This makes me understand and think about my need to visit different places for vacations every year, not returning to the same place.  And why I sometimes get annoyed when my husband suggests the same restaurant for dinner that we’ve been to a million times.   Time passes to fast if I’ve already made memories there, and I’m always so sad that it’s already over!  I’m craving some new memories.

Hmmm…  So how can I make time slow down a little?  It seems like if time slows when I’m making new memories, then I better start making a list of things that I want to do, see and experience.

Camping for spring break at the beach?  I haven’t done that yet.  Exploring California during the summer?  Definitely haven’t done that yet!  New morning meeting activities?  Yes, that would make my mornings more memorable in a good way!  Planning something new for my family to try or do each week or at least each month?  I’m on it!  I want the next few years to slow down a bit…  my daughters are growing up too fast.  Watch out time!  I’m planning on outsmarting you!


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  1. Let me know if it works! I have yet to find a way to make time slow down when I want it to, but it sure is slow when I am waiting for something (like the announcement from Teachers College about who does/does not get in to the summer institutes).


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