March 17

Unlike seeing, where one can look away, one cannot ‘hear away’
but must listen … hearing implies already belonging together in
such a manner that one is claimed by what is being said.

–  Hans-Georg Gadamer

I’m sitting in my living room with my husband, dog, younger daughter, older daughter and her boyfriend.  We have just finished a yummy dinner…. together…. on a Friday night.

I realize that this evening with two 15 year olds mostly enjoying our company is not something that will always happen, but for this moment I’m going to enjoy it.

I was thinking about the words, sounds, and thoughts I’m hearing and was inspired to find a quote that was matching my thoughts on what was happening in my house.  And I found today’s quote.  It made really think about how you can’t ‘hear away’ and how sometimes teenagers don’t want you to hear anything, and go behind closed doors with quiet voices, and other times, like tonight, they let you in on so much.  I’m feeling very thankful for these moments.

Here is a little snippet of words in my house tonight:

“Oh, here are our first texts to each other.  Let’s read them aloud.  ‘Hey. who is this?’ ‘ It’s me.  ‘What are you doing?’ ‘I just got home from practice.’ ‘What practice?’ ‘Dive, I’ve been doing since I was 7 years old.’ ‘Cool’

“Wow…  that’s funny.”

“Remember today at school….”

“Can I braid your hair?” (said to the teenage boy) “Okay, but don’t hurt me.”

“My mom bought a smooshed pie today and we made fun of her.” (teenage boy)

“Why?  She was nice enough to buy you a pie.”(my older daughter)

“Yeah, she told us we should appreciate it.” (teenage boy)

“Grrr…. come on Tanner.” (teenage boy to dog who is happy to have extra company)

“Do you guys want to hear a story I wrote today?” (11 year old to the teens)

“Nice, that was really suspenseful.” (teenagers complimenting instead of tormenting 11 year old)

“Oh, I know her dad, what is she like?” (husband to teenagers looking and commenting at phone.”

“She isn’t a very nice girl.”

“Did you know that in the 1700’s pineapples were really expensive, so people would rent them and walk around with them at parties to look wealthy.” (teenage boy to me)

“Yeah, someone posted on their social media.”

“That was such a fun weekend even though those guys on the other team were annoying.  I met some really nice people.” (teenage boy to older daughter)

some whispers… “really?” “yeah, she brags about it.” “That’s stupid”

Everyone is happy, everyone is enjoying themselves, there is a sense of belonging and it’s nice to hear tonight.


4 thoughts on “March 17

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  1. So interesting.. today I wondered how blindness helps create acute hearing.

    Something writing can do! I think I’ll try it with my students on Monday!!

    Thanks you for the inspiration!


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