March 14

“Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny.” ~ Stephen Hawking

It’s so important to remember to laugh.  Sometimes I forget this.

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by all of the responsibilities, and I forget to laugh.

Sometimes my husband is a source of some of my frustrations, and it turns my mood sour. He unloads his frustrations on me, he complains and forgets to say hello first.  He forgets to appreciate me.  And then I get frustrated and start to think that sometimes life is kind of rotten.

Just about that time,  he usually provides the laughter I need!  He is a funny guy!

I think I probably forget to tell him how funny he is and how much I appreciate it.  But, today when I laughed out loud so hard it brought tears to my face and my stomach hurt, I was really thankful for the funny things and people in my life!


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