March 13

“Suspense is worse than disappointment.”  -Robert Burns

First a county  that is south of us announces those blessed words “No school tomorrow.” Next a county west of us shares the same message.  Just now the county I used to work for, the one that shares a border line with my school district has announced that their students and teachers will have the day off tomorrow.

I look out the window, I am hopeful.  There is a dusting of snow on my car.  I start talking to the sky, “Keep it coming, cover the street, come on, you can do it.”  Each of my family members sporadically looks out the window.  The suspense is making us edgy.  We want it!  We haven’t had one this year!  This may be the last chance for this school year!

My students were a tough crowd today.  They were so distracted by the possibility of snow, convinced it was a sure thing even though I cautioned them that it might not happen.  I’ve kept the doubt in my brain all day to make sure that I could be happily surprised  tomorrow morning if we got to stay home.  But now, after hearing others have the day off, all of my pre-snow head games are not working.  The suspense is so frustrating.  I hope I don’t have to feel the disappointment tomorrow.


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