March 9

“Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful.  It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life, no matter what.”


These are my amazing, loving, kind, and giving parents!


Growing up they always were there to support us and encourage us in whatever we chose to pursue. I have always known that I can do anything I want, and if I put my mind to it and put in the hard work, I will accomplish anything I set out to.  That wonderful wisdom has carried me throughout many endeavors.  I have this wisdom because of my wonderful, encouraging parents.

They are the kind of people who would literally give you the shirt of their backs, give you their last dollar, invite you to be apart of our family because they would never want you to be alone.  They give so much, love so much, and fill empty voids that you didn’t think could be filled.


When I started dating my husband, he automatically became part of the family.  When I had my daughters, they became precious members of a wonderful family that loves and cherishes so strongly.  A friend, a neighbor, a friend of a friend, you are all welcome in this family.  My parents taught me such wonderful life lessons-how to be a kind person, hardworking person, not to be afraid of a challenge, help those who are weaker than you, encourage and befriend those who may not be easy to encourage…  I could go on and on.

Being in this family is a very special honor, one I cherish and love each and everyday.



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  1. It sounds like your family is special indeed. I love that today there are so many different kinds of families. It is great that you have this support system and hope you will show this post to family members.


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