March 8

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” -Thoreau



I see a beautiful sunset.

She sees art.

I see the end of the day.

She sees colors mixing perfectly into a serene skyline.

I see a calm, peaceful atmosphere.

She sees things on such a deeper level than me, more than peaceful, more than calm.

I see my daughter growing up into a brilliant, strong-willed, independent, creative individual.

She sees a person with flaws who is “okay.”

I see her struggles with choosing who she wants to be.

She sees the limitations on what she wants to do because she is only 15 but feels so much wiser.

I see an amazing young lady who doesn’t give up easily and wants so many great things for the world.

She sees things that apparently I don’t understand.

One picture, two people, different thoughts.

4 thoughts on “March 8

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  1. “She sees things that apparently I don’t understand.”
    Yet…you do understand but she doesn’t appreciate. Yet.
    I predict that you both will see eye to eye after she survives HS and finds herself during her college years.
    Sorry, my friend.
    That patience you practice each day in your classroom is good training for surviving raising girls!


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