March 7

“Man may work from sun to sun but a woman’s work is never done.”

I was thinking about a quote that might sum up my day, and “A woman’s work is never done” came to mind.  When I looked it up to find out who said it first, I found out that there was more to the quote, “Man may work from sun to sun,” and that it originated during Revolutionary War times.

So that part about a man working from sun to sun… well, today there is no man in the house because he has adventured off on a 1st time brothers only ski trip.  But as I was thinking about everything I had accomplished today and how there was still more to do, I was inspired to create a list poem.  Enjoy!

woke up


got dressed

drove 1 child to school

helped the man of the house get situated for travel

dried my hair

put my make up on

made breakfast

suggested cold medicine to the man

drove 2nd child to school

drove myself to school

chatted with my mom on the phone

wrote a morning message

checked to make sure I had everything ready for teaching my math lesson

welcomed my students

taught them about fractions

taught them how to count money

reminded them about being the best role models they could be

sent an email to a parent

ate lunch with a good friend and colleague

taught them how to write in cursive

taught them how to think long and strong about mysteries

inspired them to write for a cause

taught them about the difference between physical and chemical properties

picked up one child

picked up 2nd child

ate a snack

drove to help another’s child learn how to read for knowledge

received an unexpected, but so appreciated gift from above family

ate a lovely dinner prepared by two lovely, sweet children

mobile deposited some $$

bought dog food and treats

bought fruit to replenish the fruitaholic’s cravings

fed the dog

washed the dishes

solicited help with drying and putting away dishes

watched a contestant on the Voice

washed some clothes

hung some clothes up to dry

found a leotard for a child’s practice tomorrow

said good night to 1st child

chatted awhile

encouraged 2nd child that sleep was a good idea

thought about going to bed

told the dog we’d go to bed soon

then remembered 2 emails that needed to be responded to

exchanged tickets to a play

asked for a refund on a cancelled concert

heard a noise

saw a spark,

smelled smoke

saw the dog walking away from the area with his head hung low

found a lamp with cord chewed (he’s four, when will this puppy-like behavior stop)

unplugged lamp

assured child 1 that everything was fine and house was not on fire

said goodnight again

checked dog’s mouth

consoled dog who seemed shameful

took useless lamp to the basement (maybe when the man comes home he can fix it)

found extra lamp

exchanged a bulb

set up new lamp, hmmm… looks great!

reminded 2nd child that sleep was not overrated

made lunch sandwiches for tomorrow

checked to see if the man had landed, not yet

looked around at what else needed to be done

thought about those pieces of writing in my school bag that needed to be scored and input into excel sheet

Thought how sad it was that they had taken a ride home with me again

looked at the dog snoring by my feet

escorted the 2nd child to her comfy bed

said good night

received funny picture text from the man

glad he landed safely

Decided that somethings will just have to wait until tomorrow…


Yep, a woman’s work is never done!  But, wow I feel accomplished and tired after reading this list!



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