March 4

“She believed she could, and so she did.”


She waits patiently for the signal that it is her turn.  She looks calm as she stands beside the 4 inch wide beam, and I am wondering what is going on inside of her head.  Is it “I got this!” or is it “AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH, hurry up I want to just get up there and get this over with!”  Whatever the voices are saying on the inside, she remains calm and poised on the outside.

Everyone is watching as she moves across the beam, seeming confident and ready.  Here comes the back walkover…. “Yes! She nailed it.” Handstand… “Beautiful.” Full turn… “Oh, hang on, whoa, yes! she stayed on.  It’s like she’s a little frog with suction cups on her feet.” Dismount. “Yes!  that was awesome!”


She believed she could,  and so she did.  But there are others that believe in her too.  Those who encourage her, share the joy in her accomplishments, and celebrate her hard work! Feeling thankful that my daughters have special people in their lives that encourage and celebrate with them!


3 thoughts on “March 4

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  1. I love this piece as you focus on the external and internal. I love watching gymnastics and often marvel how these talented gymnasts make the impossible look easy or at least manageable. It must be fun to watch your daughter succeed here (although I imagine it is a bit terrifying too).


  2. This is my favorite section: “She believed she could, and so she did. But there are others that believe in her too.” This is what we hope for, for each of our children. So thankful that your daughters have these people and have stretched their gifts into shining accomplishments.


  3. Hurray!!! Though you don’t explicitly say it, I know other voices were screaming inside your head. It is hard being the supportive mom and you do it so well. I’m so glad she nailed it today!! I’m so glad you could all celebrate!


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