March 3

“Be the reason someone smiles today.”

Today I got a really special message that made me smile.  And all day I’ve been thinking about how thankful I am that someone took the time to share with me.

I have always been very proud of my daughter, she is kind, beautiful inside and out, and has a sense of what is right and goes with it.  She is the kind of kid that makes good choices easily, or at least makes it seem like it’s easy.  She is kind to people who are different, quirky, and she sees the good in people that some might miss.  She also loves to giggle and laugh, shop for great finds at thrift stores, find art in the world around her, and hang out with friends.  She, of course, has some of those typical teenage moments when her mom and dad are ridiculous and not fair and just don’t understand.

She doesn’t always see all of the amazing qualities in herself, which is something I worry about and spend lots of time thinking about how I might have contributed to her self doubt, wondering if I should have said this, or should have said that.

Today I got a message from a neighbor telling me that my daughter had become a mentor for a middle school girl in our neighborhood, encouraging her photography skills, and helping her navigate the awkward middle school social scene.  She mentioned that she knew I was already proud of my daughter, but she wanted to share something that would make me even more proud, and it did.  But, even though I know she is a great kid, know that she makes mostly good choices, know that she is a wonderful person, it was so refreshing and hopeful that someone else had noticed how awesome she is and then chose to share it with me.  It made me smile!  And I shared the message with my daughter and it made her smile on a day she proclaimed was “nasty until she read that.”

On this day, I’m feeling happy about social media, happy for knowing brave, kind people, and honored to be the mother of a young lady who is spreading joy by just being her awesome self.  I’m smiling.


5 thoughts on “March 3

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  1. As I read, I kept thinking, “Of course, she is. She has you for her mom!”
    I love the look of your blog as well as the words/thoughts/feelings it communicates!


  2. What a great slice! It sounds like you have lots of reason to be proud of your daughter and how very special that someone else noticed her efforts and took the time to let you know about it. Everything works better when we acknowledge the good we see in the world and celebrate it. Good job, mom, and great job to her!


  3. She sounds like the kind of individual we would all love to know. And yay for the neighbor who shared. Many people in your life (including you) who are the reason others are smiling.


  4. I enjoyed hearing this story in person and getting teary-eyed when you shared your daughter’s text response. But somehow reading it on a blog page made me smile even more. I am so glad we are friends and co-workers and listening ears as we struggle to be good moms. YOU can know success today! Then get back to worrying and supporting your girls. Why was her day nasty? I know you are on that!! Keep smiling and being the super supportive mom that you are!!


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